World Brahman Convention

World Brahman Convention

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Secaucus, New Jersey, USA

Press Release (July 8, 2007)

The World Brahman Federation (WBF) has concluded its convention in 2007 in Secaucus, New Jersey USA. This event was held from July 6 to 8, 2007 that was attended by delegates from all over North America, India, Mauritius and other countries. Large delegations representing several states of India arrived on July 6, 2007 at Crowne Plaza Hotel at Secaucus, New Jersey, USA, after visiting various Brahman Communities across USA. Several sessions were on problems being faced by Brahmans all over the world including India and deliberation led to development of an action plan to ameliorate the current situation.

Dr. Girija Vyas, Chairman, National Woman Commission of India, delivered the key note address in which she emphasized the need for protection of women in USA and other countries and, also asked for providing support to fraudulent marriages by NRIs with innocent and ambitious girls from India. She praised the WBF in India and abroad for the remarkable work of Brahman community. She lauded the efforts of WBF in this direction by providing support to needy women in such a situation. Mr. Nirmal Choubey announced the formation of committee headed by Ms. Ranjana Pathak to look into women’s issues of such a great importance. Mr. Ashok Trivedi, a leading Brahman from Delhi and CEO, Igate corporation highlighted how knowledge based economy is benefiting Brahmans all over the world. Mr. Upendra Chvakula, Deputy Chairman of New Jersey state legislature, was the distinguished speaker on the occasion.

Pandit Mange Ram Sharma, President, WBF India led a large deligation of Brahmans from India that also included eminent Brahman leaders including Shri Ganga Sahaya Pathak, senior Vice-President WBF India Dr. Shankar Bhardwaj, MLA, Dr. Asha Sharma, Shri Dharni Dhar Trivedi.

The convention was organized under the leadership of Shri Nirmalendu Choubey, President, WBF and Dr. Rajesh Shukla, Vice President, WBF, who ensured success of the convention. The Convention director, Shri Sanjay Tripathi welcomed the delegates on the occasion by presenting the holy scarf in a spiritual and ambient atmosphere. The audience was enthralled by the chants of Bhagwan Parshu Ram.

Professor Rama Nath Sharma gave spiritual analysis of the concept of brahmana and its identity. Dr. Mahesh Prasad Kasihadhkni gave an inspirational address on brahmanical philosophy. The discussion at the convention led to deliberate that all Brahman should come together regardless of region, rituals and languages. The Brahmans emphasized the need for an equal opportunity in the society and demanded a merit based society in globalized world and reservations should not be enforced on Indian society. At the same time, however, financial aid should be provided to weaker sections of the society based on defined economic criteria. The convention delegates unanimously passed the following resolutions after a prolonged and thoughtful discussion:

  • The Indian Government should enforce merit based society and economically weaker sections should be provided financial support based on defined criteria. In today’s globalized world merit alone without any caste consideration can help Indians compete throughout the world.
  • The WBF should form a core group to influence leadership of all political parties to put Brahman candidates in the forthcoming parliamentary elections in 2009. Similarly, the political parties must put Brahman candidates in assembly elections all over India as and when elections are held.
  • The Government of India must not disenfranchise people from right to contest elections from anywhere in India by reserving constituencies for special interest groups. All the reserved constituencies should be made open to all contestants or these must be rotated to permit equity or be designated as plural constituencies for contesting elections by general public. Because it is general practice throughout the democracies around the world that who has a right to vote also has a right to vote also has a right to contest the elections.
  • The Government of India must develop the pilgrimage sites for international tourism by NRIs and OCIs by providing international level facilities to promote spirituality in the world and economic interest of India. Further the resolution was passed that ‘Brij Mahotsava’ should be organized by the central government in the land of Lord Krishna, i.e. Vrindavan, Mathura and Govardhan region for the full development of Brij area.

Shri R. S. GOswami, general secretary of WBF India and Honorary secretary of Bar Council of Delhi emphasized networking among Brahmans all over the world to help each other in best interest of the community. Efforts must be made to generate employment of Brahman youth in India and abroad.

A core group of prominent Brahman leaders in India has been formed under the leadership of Pandit Mange Ram Sharma to initiate talks with the central government of India to implement the demands of Brahman community. This would be reviewed at the next convention in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Azad Kaushik, president WBF Canada announced that next WBF convention will be held in Toronto in 2008 and invited Brahmans all over the world to attend the convention.

Issued by : Dr. Rajesh Shukla, Vice President, WBF

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